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Promotions Machine Tools Automated Robotic Cell

MARC 154 | Maruka ITI Automated Robotic Cell

Promotions Machine Tools | A Fanuc M710/70 robot will load and unload your fixtures and parts into and out of just about any CNC Machining Center of choice.


A Fanuc M710/70 robot will load and unload your fixtures and parts into and out of just about any CNC Machining Center of choice. Pallets will be introduced in and out of the cell through a single-position load station. Pallets will be stored in racks and prioritized for machining. The pallets will be secured in the machining center through a custom built clamping chuck. Material for machining will be secured to the top of the pallets using your new or existing fixtures (you as a customer can use any of your existing fixturing). Your operator(s) will be able to manage all cell functions through an Allen Bradley PLC and HMI (human machine interface).

Net Investment for MARC 154 as described below:


  • (1) Fanuc M710/70 robot 70kg (154 lbs.) payload capacity
  • (2) Custom built nested storage racks (4UP per rack-80/20 aluminum extrusion framing)
  • (8) 400mm x 159mm Pallet assemblies, (pallet, studs and coupler-75kg payload capacity)
  • (2) Safety light curtains
  • Interlocked safety enclosure with (1) door
  • (1) Allen Bradley PLC
  • (1) Panelview HMI
  • (1) Load/ unload station with nest
  • (1) Dual (2) position clamping station for your machine tool
  • (1) End of Arm robot module
  • Design engineering
  • Robotic programming
  • Control engineering
  • Automation engineering
  • Electrical programming and design
  • Development and testing
  • Documentation and approval drawings
  • Installation/Run-off and Acceptance at Customer Facility (40 hours)  
  • Maruka ITI will install and integrate the automated pallet changing cell with the new or existing machining center at customers’ facility.  Maruka will install the robot, racks, load/unload stations, PLC, HMI, and cell enclosure.  After the cell is installed and integrated, an automation engineer will perform a 4-hour run-off for acceptance and training.  Maruka will program the cell controller for (3) program names.  Programs must be resident in the machine.

Included Components:

Optional Items

Item 1:  Pneumatic Coupling Assembly for 5 axis machine. Three necessary components shown below.

No hoses or cables required for clamping the pallet to your machine tool table. The robot charges the Coupling Assembly so you done have to plumb air from your machine to the pallet clamping block. Works especially well on hard to plumb 5-axis machines.

Note:  This option can be eliminated if air is present through or to the machine tool table.

Item 2:  Additional 4UP racks (80/20 aluminum extrusion framing with nests).

These racks can be purchased to expand pallet Unit capacity within the system. Complete with pallet receivers and ready to use.

Item 3:  Additional pallets (400 mm X 159mm with coupler and pull studs)

Aluminum pallets ready to add to the system. Can be bought with additional Pallet Stand shown above and fully incorporated into the system or used to store fixtures off-line until needed.

Item 4: Additional Set-up Station

For those who need more set-up capacity, we offer additional Set-Up stations.
Ready to "plug" into a new or existing MARC 154. Set-Up stations come complete with pallet receivers.

Item 5: Auto Door

Customized Auto Door to fit your machine. We can offer a guillotine style door for side entry applications or modify your existing machine tool front door.

Items NOT included in this proposal:

  • Auto door for the machine tool
  • Machine tool side robotic interface to communicate with the Flexible Pallet Cell
  • Tooling / clamping units to hold customer parts to top of the provided pallets
  • Material / customer parts for testing and run-off
  • Cutting tools for testing and run-off
  • Air or Hydraulic system for the pallet clamping device on the machine tool table (Optional clamping unit available shown above)
  • Utility drops (power and air)
  • Anchoring (drilling/bolting) of components to customer floor
  • Shipping, rigging and insurance

Note: Additional onsite support and programming may be required to add additional racks, pallets, set-up stations, ect.

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