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Pipe Bending CNC Tube Bender

Maruka USA serves as a manufacturing solutions provider for pipe bending machine markets and offers top brands in the pipe bending industry.

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CNC Tube Bender

Since CHIYODA KOGYO was established in 1949, we have devoted our service to studying and developing the tube bending machine for over 60 years with our customers earnestly. In 1970, the first NC bender in Japan with FANUC controller was displayed at the Osaka International Trade Fair. Since then, along with the trend of improving the quality of tube fabricating, we started development of micro-computer-controlled NC(CNC) benders from the second half of the 1970’s. Learn more about CHIYODA KOGYO.
Chiyoda Ex 400

EX Series

For bending, a method of rotary draw bending is the most commonly used. Other methods such as bending of compression, roll, stretch, press and extrusion (multi-forming) are also available.

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