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  FCS Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine
Fu Chun Shin Group (FCS) presents

FCS Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine

HA Series
HA-SV series Servo Power-Saving
Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine

FCS is an International Plastic Injection Molding Machine manufacturer that has been serving to the plastic industry for nearly 40 years. FCS offers a Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine "HA Series" and a SERVO Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine "HA-SV Series". FCS is introducing these machines to the North American market through the sales and service network of Maruka U.S.A.

HA Series – Standard SpecHA Series – SV (Servo Driven) Spec

HA Series Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine Features

Oil-less Bearing: Oil-less bearing on the moving parts of platen and toggle, greatly reduces maintenance cost, and provides for a cleaner production environment.

Auto Lubrication System: Central lubrication system distributes grease in proper proportion to insure the appropriate amount of lubrication is delivered to each point for long toggle bearing life.

All-New Control System: The FCS closed loop intelligent controller is easy to program and can be managed through a centralized "WEB" based interface.

Movable Platen Supports: The movable platen support bearing is lined with polymer type wear resistance material with a low coefficient of friction. This proven bearing material is commonly used in machine tool applications and does not require lubrication which promotes a clean working environment.

Non Adjustable Safety Bar: The standard approved safety feature assures a safe and trouble free operating environment.

High Rigid Clamping Unit: The FCS toggle clamping structure adopts a box-shape design to insure maximum rigidity and strength on both fixed and movable platens. This robust design was achieved by using the latest FEA design software.

New Carriage Structure:

- The FCS Patented regeneration loop enhances injection speed and pressure.
- The injection unit is fully guided for support and ease of maintenance.
- Non lubricating bearings provides clean working environment.
- The injection assembly is guided with patented molybdenum disulfide coated bearings.

FCS Newly Developed Guide Plate:

Clearance Between the guide rod and plate has been re-designed to prevent deflection of the barrel.

Reduced span to prevent the guide plate from being bent or deformed.

Molybdenum Disulfide film treated for permanent lubrication free operation

HA-SV Series Servo Power-Saving System

FCS has recently developed a servo-driven hydraulic injection molding machine to meet the industry request for power saving.

The "Green" SV Series has same benefits as the HA Series…Plus>>>>

- The HA-SV Series has all the advantages of a hydraulic machine PLUS it offers Faster Response Time, Higher Precision, Lower Operating Cost, Lower Working Environment Noise Level and a More Energy Efficient machine.

- Up to 70% Power savings over a conventional Hydraulic System

- Servo Power Pack controls the Injection and Clamp movements with one servo motor as compared to multiple servo motors with a full electric machine. This gives the HA-SV a significant price advantage over electric machines.

- Servo motor maintains the oil running at lower temperature for an extended oil life cycle

- Servo motor control provides an almost 2x faster response time than a standard hydraulic system which results in higher part quality, repeatability and precision as well as faster more consistent cycle times.

Servo Power Saving System Excellent Characteristics
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